Thursday, October 29, 2009

Franz Welser-Möst: He Speaks

My TiVo grabbed an episode of Applause on WVIZ as a "suggestion" (#1 reason I could never give up TiVo)... lo and behold, an interesting discussion revolving around The Cleveland Orchestra.

As interesting: The person doing most of the taking. Until about 12 minutes ago I had never heard the Orchestra's Music Director speak a word. The nature of orchestral performances is such that wrote it off as one the great mysteries of life... and, I'll admit, I had my preconceptions.

They were promptly shattered -- I was quite impressed by his interview, insight and commentary, especially as it related to the Orchestra's audiences. The segment led off with a bit from one of the orchestra's high school performances where Mr. Welser-Möst appeared to be discussing his conducting and the rehearsal process -- two other items I've written off as great mysteries of life. I wish I coud have heard the entire discusion -- does he offer this lecture elsewhere?

I know this blog is typically retrospective instead of prospective, but three "cool things" on my radar that you may want to grab tickets for sooner rather than later:

Friday, November 7th: Cleveland Orchestra, "The Music Of John Williams". My gateway drug to true classical; I just hope they pull out some of Mr. Williams' lesser known pieces along with the usual ET/Star Wars stuff.

Friday, November 13th: Clevelnd Museum of Art "After Hours" 9:00p-1:00a with Sheer Frost Orcheatra and Eats Tapes; more info: It just sounds cool, and the Summer Solstice Party was one of the coolest events I've hit in Cleveland.

Friday, November 20th: Cleveland Orchestra/Severance Hall: Fridays@7 "Cello and Space". The last one was an awesome sellout--in contention for coolest Cleveland event--I expect this concert to be similar. Tickets

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