Wednesday, January 13, 2010

NYC Trip Update & Props to the NYC MTA

So... I still have no firm plans for my time in NYC, though I have the hotel figured out for three of four nights: I'm using HHonors points for the Waldorf=Astoria (since it was only like 30,000 points more than the Hampton Inn) -- and I haven't decided what I'm doing for night #4. Perhaps that will also be at the Waldorf.

Suggestions for events, places, food, ... are still welcome.

Meanwhile, I have to give props to the NYC MTA. I wound up on their website trying to figure out how to make my way around the city. I found most of the info I wanted, but still had a "Stupid Tourist Question". I emailed the MTA. I got a response back pretty quickly, that not only answered my question, but invited me to contact the author if I had any additional questions or if maps would be helpful.

While it's generally against my nature to refer to maps while exploring a city, given the sheer density of NY I figured that it could be a helpful resource.

In my mailbox today was one of the most amazing collections of transit resources I've ever received: Bus maps, subway maps, commuter rail maps, Art en Route information, postcards, fare information... A veritable wonderland of resources for navigating the city and ways to stop and smell the roses along the way (To give you an idea: The envelope overflowed my mailbox).

I am most appreciative of the gentleman who forwarded the information; I guess it's easy to view an organization of the size and scope of the MTA as faceless... I no longer have that view.


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