Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cleveland Orchestra Negotiations: An Audience Member's Perspective (Part 2)

I think the Orchestra got more [read: the only] local television attention during the period of, ahem, unrest than in the entirety of the 4 years I've lived in Cleveland -- and I got more emails from out-of-town friends and relatives (Hi, Indiana!) on the subject of the Orchestra than ever before as well. I noticed no such mention today, and found no mention on the orchestra's website.

It took a bit of quick Googling but it looks like an amicable resolution was reached... I say this not having the benefit of seeing the contract, and I understand that more than money was on the table -- I'm not sure what besides money was being negotiated, but:

It's a resolution that I'm somewhat shocked it took a not just the threat of, but an actual strike for both sides to agree to it. Instead of cut/restore/2.5% raise, it's freeze/freeze/2 & 3% raise... aside from not realizing any savings in the 1st year and 2.5% more in the 3rd year it seems pretty darn close to where things started.

Anyway, enough of that. The musicians are presumably back to playing, the Miami Residency is on (I think), I'm back to listening, and hopefully the economy in 3 years will be in such shape that arguing about money isn't in the cards.

I found out that the Chicago Symphony Orchestra is playing Carnegie Hall while I'm in New York (and TCO is in Miami). Would it be considered cheating on "My" orchestra if I were attend? ;)


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