Friday, January 15, 2010

CIM: Faculty Recital (Cohen, Rose, Docter, Kraut, Brown)

Turina: Circulo ..., Op. 91
Mozart: Trio in E-flat Major, K. 498
Brahms: Piano Quartet in C Minor, Op. 60
With Franklin Cohen, clarinet; Stephen Rose, violin; Kirsten Docter, viola; Melissa Kraut, cello; Kathryn Brown, piano.

Often I struggle to find a common thread between pieces that share a program; tonight I didn't have that problem: All of the pieces seemed rather dark and dare I say moody.

I don't find myself enamored with any of the three pieces; they were all well played. I think my favorite part of the evening was the second movement (Melodia) of Turina's Circulo... if for no other reason than it struck me as being the lightest of the evening. The conclusion of the piece saw an event that I had pondered the possiblity of ever happening: It seemed that no one in the audience (including myself) was sure that the piece had ended. It wasn't until Mr. Rose quietly declared "That's All" that the silence turned into a sustained round of applause.

Mr. Cohen was great to watch during the Mozart trio adding some exagerated movement to the stage.

Finally, I'm really not sure how I feel about the Brahms Piano Quartet... I think I need to sleep on it

It occurred to me, this being my 12th post on CIM that I don't think I've ever spelled out that CIM is the Cleveland Institute of Music. CIM offers a fantastic program of concerts, recitals, etc.; virtually all offered free of charge.


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