Wednesday, January 13, 2010

CIM Faculty Recital: Sweet Beauty Hath No Name

Sweet Beauty Hath No Name
Joshua Smith, flute
Laura Perrotta, actor, guest artist
Telemann: Twelve Fantasias for Solo Flute, TVW 40:2-13
Featuring sonnets by William Shakespeare

We start with a "I'm ashamed to admit it" moment: I am not a fan of Shakespeare. I think one too many monotone readings of Romeo and Juliet in a high school English class pushed me over the edge, but whatever the cause I may be the only theatre fan who can't stand the bard. (Just like I may be the only musical theatre fan who has never seen Les Mis or Phantom)

That confession out of the way, I thought this evening's program was well done. While I couldn't draw an emotional connection between the sonnet and the accompanying fantasy, Ms. Perrotta delivered the sonnets with a vigor that resonated; Mr. Smith's playing was likewise passioned. The end result was an enjoyable evening that was nearly the perfect balance between the spoken word and the music it accompanied.


The complete program:
Sonnet 65 with Fantasy 1 in A Major
Sonnet 29 with Fantasy 2 in A Minor
Sonnet 98 with Fantasy 3 in B Minor
Sonnet 18 with Fantasy 4 in B-flat Major
Sonnet 102 with Fantasy 5 in C Major
Sonnet 34 with Fantasy 6 in D Minor
Sonnet 128 with Fantasy 7 in D Major
Sonnet 24 with Fantasy 8 in E Minor
Sonnet 43 with Fantasy 9 in E Major
Sonnets 73 and 74 with Fantasy 10 in F-sharp Minor
Sonnet 15 with Fantasy 11 in G Major
Sonnet 115 with Fantasy 12 in G Minor

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