Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Can anybody find me somebody to love?" or I'm Pretty Sure My Deity is Mocking Me, Pt. 2

No event for me tonight. [Relatives, please stop reading here.]

Ok, so I'm displaying a complete lack of shame here, but I'm flat out of other ideas.

As brief recap... I met the fantastic young woman I mentioned in "I'm Pretty Sure My Deity is Mocking Me" recently; as much as I'd like it to happen my chances of earning a followup meeting with her are somewhat worse than getting hit by a bus and winning the lottery on the same day. Keep in mind that I don't play the lottery.

When it comes to meeting people (women) I have a lot working against me.
  • I was born in Central California, raised in Southern California; I know next to no one in this time zone that's my own age.
  • My coworkers are all guys... and with one exception, married and nearly old enough to be my father.
  • My nightclubbing/barhopping phase lasted about 2 weeks when I was 22. Hitting a bar socially is fun, but alone I just don't get; borrowing from The Hold Steady's You Can't Make Him Like You "They say you don't have a problem / until you start to do it alone..."
  • The places I most enjoy -- museums, theatres, Severance Hall, are also among the places I think it would be weirdest to hit on, or be hit on by some random stranger.

The online dating thing isn't working for me. It seems like every single single woman in this town is a sports fanatic; most guys would dig this; for me its a problem since I can barely tell you the difference between the Browns and Indians... and that's about the extent of my interest in sports (but I won't turn down the atmosphere of a Cavs game in person from time to time).

The thought of offering a "Finders Fee" for an introduction has crossed my mind before...and been quickly dismissed. Then I came across across this post at "27 Dresses in Cleveland" [so I'm not alone!]... and opening line of Queen's song by a similar title caught my ear at Monday Evening's Wicked Rocks Benefit. So I figured I'd put it out there.

Can Anybody Find Me Somebody To Love...

I'd like to follow the date first/friends second/something more if it clicks approach, and I'm not in a hurry to get married... but on the flip side, one date an average of every nine months just isn't healthy. Those goals in mind, I'm not sure what kind of finders fee to offer and at what milestone to trigger it.

So what type of woman am I attracted to? A seemingly impossible combination of intellect and tallent. I'm narrowing it down, but in the words of Supreme Court Justice Stewart in Jacobellis v. Ohio (1964)*, "I'll know [her] when I see [her]".

Physically is where I'm least picky and most flexible; age somewhere in the 23-32 neighborhood; as a 6'0"/130 walking stick I'm most attracted to slender-to-average women, though tall is cool, and age isn't critical (but not too old, now!).

Intellectually, I'm attracted to creative personalities, particularly it seems professional [string] musicians. I value someone who is independent, driven, and is working on a successful career. A woman who's not afraid to challenge or be challenged, be that intellectually or physically (gosh darn it, I wasn't to have a passionate discussion with someone about a performance! It's so much more fulfilling when you can get someone else's perspective). She's versatile, spanning everything from "stupid movie" to "night at the opera" with "day on the couch", "10 mile walk/jog/run", and/or "nice dinner" mixed in. Outgoing, confident, and not afraid to speak her mind are pluses, as is someone willing to share her interests. I think that gets the general idea across.

Does this woman exist? Does she exist in greater Cleveland [Heights]? Is she still single? Is she sane?

I have a lot to offer, don't play mind games, and have passed background checks.

So... if you are this person, or think you might know her, stalk me, er, find me at one of the events up top, drop me a line, leave a moderated comment, use telepathy... whatever.

* - A case that revolved around what constituted "obscenity" based on a film shown at the Heights Art Theater, now the Centrum, in Coventry Village about a 3/4s of a mile down the street from my house. There's your US Supreme Court factoid of the day.

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