Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm pretty sure my Deity is mocking me

I'm generally happy with my life -- I'm debt-free except for my mortgage, own a house in a neighborhood I like, enjoy my job and the places that that travel brings me. I'm in generally good health, and I live in a region that has hundreds of events to enjoy covering pretty much every known facet of entertainment. If I were more religious I may use the word "blessed".

But the part I'm not so happy about is starting to really drag: I'm missing a true human connection. Someone to share those experiences with, someone to discover new ideas through, someone for whom you suspend rational thought. And it seems like the more I try to do something about it the less success I have. I've decided bars are not the best place to meet the kind of person I'm looking for... and it seems a profound majority of the women in "my age range" in Cleveland actually prefer sports to our fantastic arts scene, which begs the question for competitive types: Who has the better record, the Browns or the Orchestra?

Anyway, a several months back I came oh-so-close to earning a meeting with a woman who sounded amazing, and it turns out works for one of the institutions I highly respect. That incident was the first time I can honestly say that rational thought went out the window--and it felt good. But something came up and we never met. I felt like (feel like) an ass, but don't really regret the experience.

So the Deity-is-mocking-me part comes: A coworker happened to send me the profile for someone he though I had a lot in common with. I agreed--in fact, one of the most promising connections since the aforementioned--and sent her an email. In the interim, one item in particular from her profile sounded very familiar, and long story short(er) it turns out that the two have been, for lack of a more sutably vague term, coworkers.

But a week later no response; not even a "not interested." Which leaves things in that awkward... was it received? Maybe it got lost in a spam folder somewhere? Should I try harder? State. I hate things that linger without closure.


One other pet peeve while I'm ranting: Am I the only one who beleives that being friends is a step between "complete strangers" and "a relationship"?

This message will self-destruct as soon as I come to my senses.


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