Sunday, December 27, 2009

Up In The Air

So I don't normally post on the mainstream film I see; largely because I view mainstream film as a mindless escape -- somewhere where I can go sit in a dark room and turn my brain off for a few hours.

Up In The Air, however, is noteworthy. In several respects I am Ryan Bingham (George Clooney's character)... on some levels that disturbs me; on most levels it probably should distrurb me. The film's poster is that of a man staring out a window at a 747. That window is next to Gate A40 at Detroit Metro Airport's (DTW) McNamara Terminal. I have stared out that window more times -- and for more hours than I care to admit.

The Film's tag line is "The Story of a Man Ready To Make a Connection" -- I'm going to stop short of calling it this blog, but the connection welcomes itself.

While not exactly a road warrior by most definitions -- I've only spent about 50 nights in hotels since January 1st and only fly about 30,000 miles in the average year; but a quote early on in the film "All the things you probably hate about traveling are warm reminders that I am home" resonates. I should probably be ashamed to admit it, but I dig Elite status (Carrying Continental Silver Elite, Delta/Northwest Silver Medallion, and Hilton HHonors Diamond credentials). I speak near-fluent airport codes. I wouldn't mind the hotel bar scene where Ryan meets Alex (Vera Farmiga) playing itself out in real life -- however, the later turn in their relationship was disheartening. Careerwise I find little in common; the travel and relationships... Maybe there is hope for me.



Here's the trailer:

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