Friday, December 11, 2009

Learning the Violin, Part IV & Fantastic Service from Carlin Violins

Ok, no extensive monologue here: Ms. Terry Carlin of Carlin Violins (Little Italy, or 216-791-A=440) just plain has customer service down. Add reasonable rates and amazingly prompt customer service and... well, what else is there to say?

My visit to her shop this afternoon, occasioned by my mis-guided attempt to replace my own tailpiece -- a story of its own -- remnded me that I haven't posted in a while about that adventure in quite a while.

I'm still taking lessons -- I'm having more fun with every week, and I'm making awful noises with far less frequency. The best part about learning to play, is thanks in large part to my fantastic teacher my understanding, appreciation, and general enjoyment of the musical world surrounding the violin has incereased exponentially.

The lessons are a highlihgt of my week and practicing is a great distraction from the outside world. The violin I bought for $0.01 (plus $45 in shipping), though, is reaching it's limits, and some of its quirks are becoming more fustrating by the day -- especially in the slipping peg department. It was (is) a good introduction, but now that I know I'm enjoying the journey I really want to acquire a violin made out of real wood.

Right now I'm holding off on most expenses because I'm expecting a hideous property tax bill -- the Auditor seems to have determined that my home's value has increased by $100k despite what the rest of the market has done -- but once that bill gets paid I may just get myself a late Christmas present.


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