Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This Sunday, COYO or Solon Philharmonic...oh wait.

I'm wrapping up Day 2 in San Francisco... got hit with some other work items that required attention so no leisure time today. I skipped the Opera; with work, a 3-hour run time, and an 8pm start it just didn't seem like something I was in the right mood to enjoy.

But being prospective and looking forward to Cleveland and this already know what I'm doing Friday night, but Saturday and Sunday are free of plans. One of the problems with a city that has so much to offer is sometimes tough decisions must be made.

The other day I realized Sunday the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra is going to be performing a program that includes Copland's Appalachian Suite Sunday at 3pm. I am interested.

Then going through my NEOhioPAL mail, I found an announcement that The Solon Philharmonic, a group I had not heard of, would be performing Copland's A Lincoln Portrait [no direct relation] and Old American Songs Sunday at 3pm. I am interested.

Then looking at my Performing Arts calendar, I realized that I already have a ticket for Heights Arts' To The Extreme and Back, a program that sounds interesting on its own but more so coupled with the fact that it takes place in a private residence, at 4pm Sunday. So I guess that settles that.

(Other events I know are happening Sunday include Tri-C's Eurydice, two CIM Concerts, Wicked at Playhouse Square, and Browns Rules at Cleveland Public Theater... and this is a relatively light weekend)


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