Monday, November 23, 2009

CIM Percussion Ensemble

Cowell: Ostinato Pianissimo
Tompkins: Six Duets in a Rudimental Style
Lansky: Three Moves for Marimba
Burritt: Shadow Chasers (1994)
Lansky: Threads

I wasn't sure what was in store for this evening's performance -- actually, it wasn't until about 40 minutes before the appointed time that I decided to attend. I was pleasantly surprised.

Of course, when you say percussion, the first things that come to mind are an snare drum-- or, of course, the percussive noise of the cannon in the 1812 Overture or a marching band... none are particular favorites of mine. Fortunately, this program was completely devoid of cannons and marching bands... and the snare drum was kept in check.

The Marimba is an instrument I was first introduced to at Baldwin-Wallace's Focus Festival a year or two ago; I was an instant fan. It has a hypnotic sound that I can never really find the words to describe -- tonight's performance featured two pieces with the marimba. The first, a solo was enticing, but Buritt's Shadow Chasers was my favorite from the program.


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