Saturday, June 4, 2011

And My New Car Comes Home -- Yep, there's a picture.

This morning I walked from my house over to Motorcars Honda to meet with my salesperson, Rick Hammer, and take delivery of my new car, the 2011 Honda Accord Coupe in Belize Blue.

The process was quite painless and Rick was great at walking me through the car, showing me and around the dealership. I was slightly chagrined when I saw the rear of the car -- I had made it clear early in the process that I didn't want any dealer stickers, but there was one there. But it seems Rick and I both noticed the sticker at the same time, and without me saying anything he promptly removed it and the adhesive residue.

After getting the car home (and running an errand along the way), my new insurance agent came over to meet me and finalize the details of my policies. I had been insured with Allstate since moving to Cleveland, however, I thought their quote for adding the Accord was outrageously high, so I started shopping around.

Once I got wind of those rates, I started shopping around online. Liberty Mutual was on the low end of the pack, and Kristen Bonnin from Liberty Mutual's Painesville Office was the only real human who actually followed up with me and was fantastic at working with me through various scenerios (what if my limts are X? what if my deductable is Y? What if I do home and auto with you? What about just auto?) and was upfront but not pushy with advice. Particularly impressive, she was willing to come to Cleveland Heights this afternoon to meet in my home and sign the policies. Just in case you're shopping around you might want to give her a ring or email -- 440-392-9740 x54096 or kristen(dot)bonin(at)libertymutual(dot)com.


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  1. Oops, the salesperson noticed it and suddenly remembered the thing you about the dealer stickers. It would really be nice if he had noticed it before he had shown you the car. Anyway, it's still a good thing that you were satisfied in your insurance process.

    --Leisa Dreps