Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why I Bought a Tux (or Why I'll be In New York Next Weekend)

There have been plenty of "Black Tie" events that I've resisted attending for the simple fact that renting a tuxedo kind of creeps me out and they weren't of sufficient magnitude to warrant a purchase.

I now have such an event. Though my credit card hates me right now, I will (giddy laughter) have a spontaneous weekend in New York thanks to Cleveland's PlayhouseSquare.
Nordstrom's "cheap" Tux: $550*;
White Dress Shirt: $58.50**;
Black Tie: $95;
Going to the Tony Awards: Priceless.

A while back -- I can't remember exactly when -- in PlayhouseSquare's eAlert newsletter there was a contest with the prize being a trip to the Tony Awards as a "seat filler". I submitted my entry then promptly forgot completely about it.

This past Friday when I got home from work I had a voicemail from the marketing department congratulating me. Somehow -- for I think the first time in my adult life -- I managed to win.

I takes a lot to get me giddy. This is such an occasion. I love New York nearly as much as I love Cleveland. I love theatre. I love travel. I love spontaneity. This is the perfect confluence of all of those passions and it comes at a time when I've been feeling a severe case of summertime wanderlust but couldn't figure out where to wander to.

I think this qualifies as "Once in a lifetime experience"

More blogging and some pictures to follow once I hit the road... and I have to thank PlayhouseSquare for the opportunity and my client in Columbus for rescheduling the meeting I had on Monday to Tuesday.

*- Including shipping since the Beechwood store doesn't stock "toothpick" as a standard size.
** - My expectations for the lifespan of this shirt is approximately 6 hours based on my luck with anything white. Despite the miracles my dry cleaner can work, essentially, I'm considering it disposable.
*** - Calm down, I love Cleveland as well--and can actually afford to live here.

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