Thursday, March 25, 2010

(Ding) You are now free to move about the planet

(Giddy laughter)

Based on the 155,000+ miles I've flown (and 170,000 miles I've driven) since around 2002, readers may be surprised to learn that until today I've never had a passport.

Last Monday I finally got my act together and applied. Based on the seeming useless of it, I'm not entirely sure why I also applied for a passport card--my best rationalization is "Hey, what's another $20 when you're already spending $140?"

Guess what was in my mailbox today?

The sad part is I think my passport photo--taken in a back room at the Cleveland Heights post office--is the best picture I've seen of myself in a few years.

So now I feel the overwhelming urge to go somewhere far, far away -- after all, I still have 15 days of vacation that need to be used by December 31st -- but there's a chance that the business trip to Saudi Arabia may still happen, and as always, It's always more fun when someone else is buying the ticket ;)



  1. Very interesting!
    Do you twitter?

  2. I have a Twitter account but I still haven't figured out what to do with it... I'm open to ideas!