Wednesday, September 2, 2009

San Francisco: Day 3

Another day at the jobsite was... another day at the jobsite. I could really get used to walking to work, though. Not that I fancy myself a greenie or a tree hugger or anything of the sort--quite the opposite, really--but there's something refreshing about being able to do eveything you need to do without needing car keys, gas, a taxi, or anything of the sort.

After work, I walked up California Street -- literally, up. I think parts of the street hit a 45 degree angle. At some point I decided to cut down Van Ness for no real good reason, crossed Lombard -- but not the scenic touristy part of Lombard -- and kept walking, eventually finding myself in the neighborhood of Fisherman's Wharf.

I found a cable car terminal and despite its overwhelmingly touristish nature and the fact that I've done it before I was sorely tempted to catch a ride. Until I noticed the line. Continued walking up Powell Street, to Lombard (again, not the scenic part -- but about a 45% incline) around Coit Tower and back to the hotel.

The views from Coit at sunset with the fog held out at bay were unbelievably beautiful. I grabbed a couple quick pictures with my cell phone but seeing it in person was like looking into a living painting. Definitely worth the hike up, and definitely not a sight I was expecting.

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