Sunday, September 6, 2009

Blossom: Bugs Bunny on Broadway

Saturday Evening I broke down and attended Bugs Bunny On Broadway.

Awesome turnout -- empty pavilion, very full lawn, even fuller parking lots. Because I wasn't sure if I was going to be up for a concert right after returning from California (usually the Pacific->Eastern timezone change knocks me off my feet for a couple days) I didn't buy in advance. Not buying in advance at Blossom means that you don't get the uber useful Lot A parking placard that comes with buying a box seat.

"Eh," I thought, "I'll just get there early and all will be well." Turns out that even an hour and 40 minutes prior to start time wasn't early enough to avoid being way the heck out in one of the grass parking lots. Made my way to the box office to pick up my will call ticket and asked about getting the placard (if you don't ask...); turns out they were more than willing to give me one. So I hiked back to my car and moved, or rather attempted to move, my car to Lot A. Blossom isn't really equipped to have cars leave and come at the same time, it turns out. With some help, though, I made it to Lot A... which made a quick exit after the concert possible.

The concert itself was very kid friendly, occasionally eliciting a chuckle from yours truly, but somewhat disappointing -- there were entire segments of the show where the orchestra literally stopped playing, the lights went down, and we watched/listened to the original cartoon. For example, I would have been thrilled to hear the Blossom Festival Orchestra perform the Flinstones theme song (as I was when they did the Simpsons Theme at the beginning of the season); but just watching the videotape left me with a "Why am I sitting here, I could get this for free on Cartoon Network" feeling. What was worse was a handful of pieces were repeated -- once on video, once live. I think there's enough music out there to avoid redundancy in a 2 hour program.

I was uncomfortably chilly in the pavilion -- the rest of the seats in my box were empty as was the box in front of me. During intermission I seriously contemplated just going out to the lawn and asking random people to join me. The body heat would have helped.


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