Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cleveland Play House: One Man Lord Of The Rings (FusionFest 2010)

Throughout my life I've either been shielded from or deliberately avoided pop culture trends. The Lord of the Rings is one of those trends that save for a slightly overzealous third grade teacher, who as I recall claimed some distant relation to the author, is one that I have had no imersion with.

So it is rather curious why I would go see a show titled One Man Lord of the Rings (Charles Ross being the one man) and I think it came down to the fact that I had a Festival Pass and couldn't think of anything better do do on a Southern California-wintry Sunday afternoon.

Honestly, I didn't get 95% of the references -- but the remainder of the audience clearly did (during a quick audience poll mid-show, I and an usher were the only people to admit to neither seeing the films nor reading the books) based on the fairly predictable laughter. The reference I did get were quite funny.

Mr. Ross drifted seemlessly in and out of character and among characters. I did find it rather amusing when, mid-show and distracted by an audience member's fiddling with shoe Velcro the line "While you may spend hours sitting in front of the television mouth breathing, This is live theater and hearing what you're doing is distracting me. If you aren't enjoying this, feel free to amuse yourself in the lobby. Now where was I?" (I will admit to giving silent applause to this, given the number of patrons who seem to confuse their home theater and the real theater)

It wasn't Bill W. & Dr. Bob, but it was an hour -- or 3600 seconds, as the Cleveland Play House puts it -- of decent entertainment


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