Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas & I'm covered in paint

First... wishes for a Merry Christmas for those whom aren't offended by such wishes.

Since it seems like a waste of a blog post to end there...

The paint on the ceiling of my living room/dining room/kitchen (the wonders of an open-floorplan townhouse) has been mildly annoying me for a while now. Roller marks were visible from the previous painters, and I didn't exactly help matters with some "touchup" work I did a few months ago. (Having the laundry on the 3rd floor is awfully convenient but it makes for lots of collateral "fun" if you ever have a leak)

I don't like painting generally and I hate painting ceilings -- the painting itself can be fun, but the prep and cleanup is interminable.

But between the fact that I don't need to be back in the office for 12 days and the fact that my annoyance with the quality of the paint has overwhelmed by hatred for painting I decided to tackle that task. I have to say that it looks much better then when I started...

I have to say for 3 hours of prep, 700 square feet of plastic drop cloth, a few hundred yards of painter's tape, and a gallon of paint (totalling about $60) it turned out refreshingly well.

I'm not sure though if I managed to get more paint on myself or on the ceiling and will probably be picking ceiling paint out of my hair well into the new year.


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