Sunday, August 23, 2009

About Me.

Do I think anyone will read this? No.
Do I have an egalitarian purpose in mind? No.
Do I even have a topic? Not really.

I'm Lincoln. Originally from Southern California I moved to Cleveland a just over 4 years ago; I'm single, I'm a guy, I'm 25. I'm beginning to think I'm the only person under 30 in this town who would rather spend time at Severance Hall than Browns Stadium. I love the violin, and feel a connection to Spring Awakening. I'm dying for meaningful conversation.

While a fervant supporter of most things Cleveland -- especially University Circle and the various performing arts groups -- I enjoy the act and mental state of traveling. There's something to be said for walking around a new city on foot with no maps, no plans, and no preconceptions.

As a result, I have a feeling this blog will serve as an outlet for my thoughts, observations, and reactions primarially in those two directions.

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