Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cleveland Museum of Art: Column and Stripe Speakeasy/Youth and Beauty (@ClevelandArt)

Members enjoying the Column and Stripe Lounge
 Youth and Beauty: Art of The American Twenties On view now through mid-September at the Cleveland  Museum of Art is an exciting survey of the art American artist produced during the 1920s. I'll freely admit that the first half  of  the 1900s  contains many of  my favorites both in classical music and art, so it should  come  as no surprise that I enjoy this exhibition's look at the decade.

Of course, in a decade best known for prohibition and sandwiched between the end of World War I and the beginning  of the Great Depression has some exciting inspiration. The Cleveland  Museum of  Art seized upon the inspiration of the decade to offer an exciting event tonight, the Youth and Beauty Speakeasy. Column and Stripe: The new friends of the Cleveland Museum of Art roared to life with its first official event, the Column and Stripe Lounge.

The event was a clear success had an energy of excitement -- a je ne sais qouis like the first Solstice, and enhanced by the beautiful atrium. Although the population was primarily in the "young professional" bracket, people of all ages could be seen mingling and comfortably enjoying themselves while the exhibition was open for casual perusal, bars were open, and a DJ was spinning tunes, though conversations were a plenty as attendees found old and new friends alike to chat with.  

Though costumes were not required -- or really even advertised as encouraged -- a number of people, including Rachel and yours truly, were decked out in period-appropriate clothing contributing to a special feeling for the event.

Rachel trying her hand at 1920s Tweeting
A major attraction was an appearance by Dr. Sketchy Cleveland (Anti-Art Studio: Where Drinking and Drawing is the Norm) allowing attendees to try their talents sketching models with slightly risque takes on pieces form the exhibitions.

Outside the exhibition in the Key Bank Lobby attendees could experiment with a classic typewriter and paper scroll in "1920s Tweeting"

All-in-all it was a great social event at the museum and it was fantastic to see so many younger Clevelanders enjoying a Friday evening at the Cleveland Museum of Art -- and although the crowd had started to thin slightly as the clock ticked away the evening, there was still a good sized assortment of attendees when the museum closed at 9 PM.

Column and Stripe Members enjoying L'Albatros

But for Column and Stripe members the party didn't end -- The nice folks at L'Albatros hosted us for drinks and a late-night happy hour menu.

As members filtered in we took any available corner of the main bar and outdoor patio bar; as we reached critical mass a lovely back room became our speakeasy and rounded out the evening.

Due to impending travel tomorrow morning I had to excuse myself after finishing off a glass of wine but the event was still going strong.

Join us for the next Column and Stripe event -- for more information see


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