Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Two Years of Lincoln In Cleveland

Today marks the two year anniversary of the great experiment known as Lincoln In Cleveland*, so I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who's stopped by to read. I've had more great experiences and met more interesting people by way of LincolnInCleveland than I can count. What I wrote a year ago still holds true.

[By the way, feel free to tell your friends... lincolnincleveland.com will get you here without having to remember the other stuff. And if you have any tips, suggestions, complaints, as always feel free to comment, or email L (just the letter L) at lincolnincleveland.com

From the beginning of 2010, I've had more than 10,500 visitors from 77 countries on 6 continents, including all 50 states and Washington DC. (I know that a large number of additional visitors read via RSS Subscriptions and more recently via syndication on InstantEncore's buzz, but I'm not able to collect accurate stats for those readers).

I moved to Cleveland a bit over 6 years ago--primarily because of a job I was offered, of course, but also because I was hooked on the level, quantity of variety of culture that Cleveland Offered. Before LincolnInCleveland, during the time MySpace was actually popular (remember that?) I had challenged myself to attend at least one performing arts event in Cleveland each week--every week--for a year. Some cities that may have been a daunting task; it was nearly trivial for Cleveland. (Through that experiment, I--literally--discovered a joy of classical music with The Cleveland Orchestra, tried opera and ballet: I'd like to see more of the latter, I still don't have a grand appreciation for the former.

That experiment wrapped up before LincolnInCleveland started but I'm still impressed by the sheer variety in Cleveland; there are more events on any given date that sound interesting than I could possibly hope [or afford] to attend. Cleveland and Northeast Ohio is an underappreciated gem (from inside and out), and I hope for the readers in Cleveland appreciate what we have, and those from outside may visit sometime and see what you're missing.

So thanks again for reading, and here's to Year #3


*- And this weekend was the fifth mensiversary of dating Rachel.

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