Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Confessions of a Nervous Host: Part I

Friday evening will be the first time I've ever hosted an event... The first time I've had more than two people in my home at the same time... The first time I've placed a catering order.

And I am freaking nervous.

Even if it weren't the first time I was hosting an event, I think I'd be a bit nervous, but the impetus for the get together will make for a truly special and fun evening -- but I kind of feel like it would be nice to have had some practice before hand (but what reason would I have used?)

There's another reason for nervousness that need not be discussed publicly, at least not at this point in time.

The guest list has been finalized and the number is lower than what I originally set for myself as a goal, but in hindforesight (yes, I am making up words) I think the number I have is good. While I had originally been fearful that I'd wind up with a room full of either completely identical or radically different people, I think that there should be a good mix for conversation.

My house is I think the cleanest it's been since I moved in, yet I'm still concerned that it's not clean enough.

Tending to hang on to things longer than I should, I've used this event as an excuse to declutter and organize my house. My garage leaves a bit to be desired, but, it is, after all a garage.

I am so thankful for the friends who have helped keep me in check -- everyone from my hair stylist ("If you've invited them into your home and they don't have a good time, well screw them!") to a close friend ("Just relax, have fun, and whatever will be will be") and Vivian, the general manager at Clyde's Bistro and Bar Room who is being quite generous with advice, food suggestions, and things that I certainly wouldn't have thought of on my own. Those three people, have really helped take the edge off.

And you know what? No matter what I'm going to have fun. And it ultimately supports a cause I'm passionate about (no, that cause is not myself.)

I'm really looking forward to it.

More details will come Friday evening.



  1. Don't be nervous - I'm sure you'll be Great!

    Best of luck

  2. Thanks! A friend came over to "inspect" my place last night and I'm feeling much more relaxed today.

    Just about the only thing left is to have fun! :)

  3. As we say in show business - break a leg! But don't do that literally.

  4. Thanks! Breaking a litteral leg would be bad, though. Just to be safe I've had a moritorium on mentioning the Scottish Play in my home since October.

    Happy New Year, BTW -- missed you at the CPH happy hour.