Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cleveland Young Arts Professionals Network: Gray's Auctioneers Preivew

One of my tweets from earlier this week was a random thought that popped into my head: "Sometimes I'm surrounded by so many visionaries I feel blind"* -- I had that feeling tonight.

The Cleveland Young Arts Professionals Network (CYAPN) is a grass-roots organization to bring like minded individuals together. When I first learned of CYAPN, I was intrigued but thought that as a YP but not a YAP it may not be for me... I was wrong. Tonight's event was the first since "signing up" over the summer and it was a great evening.

Starting with Gray's Auctioneers it was my first venture into a "live auction" location and the atmosphere was fantastically laid back. Tonight was a preview for an auction on Thursday featuring a large number of rugs -- as proprietor Deba Gray encouraged "touch everything but the staff". It was fun to browse, the conversation was good. Just a nice way to spend an evening with a small group with similar interests in Cleveland's vibrant arts & culture scene.

By the way if you are -- or know -- an artist, you should consider submitting your works to the Cleveland Art & Design Auction. A juried auction, not all submissions will be accepted, but Ms. Gray's goal is is to expose Cleveland artists to the world market -- via a first-annual live, phone, Internet auction. Her goal is to prove that artists don't need to leave Cleveland, as well as to "pimp out" their work to others. Though a commission will be taken, the majority of the profit will go to the artist. Submissions@graysauctioners.com or 10717 Detroit Ave, Cleveland 44102. Official deadline is 12/15 but I understand its been extended.

Following the preview a small group assembled in a member's beautiful nearby home for great snacks and even more conversation. If interested in future events check out the network's Facebook page.

*- I'm sure I probably owe someone an attribution--I haven't the faintest idea whom.

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  1. Oooh that sounds interesting! I joined even though I don't work in the Arts. I pretend like engineering is an art.