Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pickwick & Frolic: Cruise Ship Killer

"The best kind of ship is a friendship"

A fitting line from the production, and also the best advice for anyone considering attending. I found myself at the show with a small cadre of friends--when I had been invited I intentionally didn't ask any questions. I figured I'd give it a whirl.

An evening of firsts, this was my first venture into Pickwick & Frolic's facility on East 4th. This was also my first foray into the "Dinner Theater" genre and I was struck with some fear when a relative suggested that the dinner murder mystery format was highly interactive. Thankfully, all audience participation was strictly voluntary with a couple from my group participating in some pre-show karaoke.

To avoid ruining any surprise for future audiences (I'm not aware of any scheduled voyages at the moment), per the program's request I'm not going to say much about the plot or ending aside from the ending being a bit of a left field surprise.

The production quality wasn't the highest (the audio processing was distracting from the beginning and only seemed to get more noticeable as the show progressed) but the cast was enthusiastic and kept their over-the-top characters throughout; the pacing was reasonable. The audience was comfortable, and the waitstaff reasonably attentive without being intrusive.

The wine--in my case an unspecified Riesling--was likewise good, and the cheesecake dessert was delectable. The entree--at least the prime rib, however, was one of the more disappointing and unfufilling meals I've had recently: Cold and nearly flavorless I contemplated stopping along the way home to eat again.

It's not a show I'd do alone, but if you have a group of friends looking for an amusing night it's not a bad choice.

Recognize the friendships in your life and let the voyage last long.


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