Saturday, October 9, 2010

Shaker Lakes in Pictures

Nearly every week I try to get a good walk in -- usually somewhere around 10-11 miles, but no set distance no set route: Usually the Cleveland Museum of Art is a way point, and almost as frequently Shaker Lakes also earns a visit.

Today I didn't do the CMA visit -- but I did do Shaker Lakes. Between the serene stillness and beautiful fall colors it was amazing. And I figured a good opportunity to try out the camera on my new cellphone from work--A Motorola Droid X. Generally pleased, but I wish I had something with manual focus (what can I say, I like playing with depth of field).
(You should be able to click any of these for a larger version... I think)

The first view, approaching Horseshoe Lake from the East:

Turning my head slightly another view of Horseshoe Lake... the water is so still that the trees from the opposite bank are perfectly reflected.

Rounding the corner on Horseshoe Lake I spied a lone duck...his (or her?) wake the only thing disturbing the surface. I don't think I've ever seen a single duck before -- usually they seem to travel in small groups -- though this one didn't seem to mind having the lake to him or herself...

Moving on Westward, The surface of Lower Shaker Lake wasn't nearly as smooth but was just as calm. In some ways the ripples reminded me of a painter's brushstrokes.

I hadn't seen any signs of activity in this lake until, while walking along one of the pathways I heard a disturbingly loud "plop" from just a few feet away... Looking out into the water four geese seem to be fleeing my presence.
Further West, these sunbathing birds seem completely nonplussed by my presence. The thought crosses my mind: If they're migratory, how long are they stopping over in our fair town? I think for this picture to work the way I want it to not only do I need a camera with manual focus, but I also need the ability to adjust the exposure. Near the center of this picture--in the background--is a bench. If you come at just the right time of day it's in a tiny little pool of light leaking down from the canopy above. Today I was not there at the right time, but today was also the first time I've seen anyone in that bench, which discouraged me from trying too many photos. Looking West as the water leaves Lower Shaker Lake, it passes under a rarely used quaint stone footbridge. One of many things right in front of you that you don't see unless you pause and look.
And my last view, Eastward, of the lake for this walk... It amazes me that within a couple miles of my home in any direction I have this beautiful specimen of nature, world-class hospitals, The Cleveland Orchestra, The Cleveland Museum of Art...and so much more. Lincoln

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