Friday, September 24, 2010

Playhouse Square: Tweetup and Last Call Cleveland

I've come to the conclusion that I need to widen my network of friends* and that the best way to do that is probably by attending more socially-focused events**. I'm also trying to turn down my overly-cautious [read: pessimistic] side by asking fewer questions.

As such, when I saw the announcement for the TweetUp from Playhouse Square, I had no idea what it was but I figured I'd check it out: Though the crowd was a bit quieter than I had expected, it was great to put a few names to faces and I had one of the better random-stranger conversations over a happy hour glass of white zinfandel. (By the way, I can be found over there as @lincolnjkc if you want to read my musings 160 characters at a time)

Immediately following the TweetUp in the same venue -- Playhouse Square's 14th Street Theater -- was a show by sketch comedy group Last Call Cleveland. The ticket was cheap, the parking was already paid for, what else would I do on a random Friday evening?

I laughed. I didn't laugh. I laughed some more. I think this is the first comedy show I've seen live. Though I'm not sure if Last Call is something I would go out of my way to do again, it was a pretty decent way to spend a few hours. My laughter level would have almost certainly been higher if I had drunk something alcoholic immediately before or during the show -- but overall it was enjoyable; the plot tying the sketches together got a bit tiring, but the jokes at Toledo's expense never did.

I thought I recognized someone from Pandemonium, but "Excuse me, were you wearing a swan as a dress two weeks ago?" was not a question I was prepared to ask with a straight face.

*- Generally as well as romantically: The online dating thing is leaving me even more frustrated than usual lately. (In seven words: "If you aren't interested, just say so.")
**- Let's face it, "Intermission At ________" is rarely listed as a place where people met friends, let alone significant others.

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