Saturday, October 3, 2009

CMA: Gauguin Member's Reception

Saturday evening I combined sound and vision by beginning the evening with the Cleveland Museum of Art Member's Reception for the new Gauguin exhibition.

Unlike the recent Friedlander exhibition, while I found the art visually appealing I only really connected with two or three pieces. The "do it yourself" area at the end of the exhibition looks like quite a bit of fun, and the live music in the galleries was a fantastic touch -- if a bit loud at times.

The event itself was a bit of a disappointment. While I can understand why opening remarks would be omitted given the museum's current leadership situation I was still a bit disappointed by the complete lack of anything commentary. At least during the time I was there, perhaps due to how spread out everything was, the atmosphere was dull and far more reminiscent of a funeral than a celebration. In fairness, I was there only for the first 45 minute or so, after which I headed over to Severance Hall...

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